Downloading Code and Jaguars Issue

As of the past 3 weeks, we have had trouble with one of our Programming PCs. We have two, mirrored setup exactly. One of them downloads code fine. The other, not so much. Using the exact same code on both of them, the second one ‘deploys’ and the Driver Station does not detect it. We cannot use the first programming PC because the code for it refuses to work with the Jaguars (another issue!!!). Our steps on both are as followed: Build Project, Deploy, Reboot cRIO. If we use programming PC 1, Driver Station laptop detects it fine and we can drive, but the Jaguar code does not work. If we use programming PC 2, to do the steps above, the Driver Station does not detect it. Let me say, Programming PC 2 used to work (Jaguars and all!) but one day it does not.

Try narrowing down which part of the process is failing. Take the compiled program and FTP it to the cRIO instead of using the WindRiver menu. See if that works on either or both of the programming computers.

Then try compiling the program on one computer, copying the compiled program to the other computer, and deploying it from there. Do that in both directions.

The steps that work and the steps that fail will give you a clue about what configuration settings to check.

Wait, we can FTP to the cRIO? Would you walk me through doing this? As a rookie member, I still am stabbing walls in the dark. With time comes knowledge as they say…

We’ve have similar problems with WRS when trying to run on a 64-bit machine. Our solution was to use Filezilla to FTP to place the code.
FTPing to the cRIO is pretty straightforward. Open a session to your cRIO’s IP address. It will ask you to log in. If it asks for a user ID, just hit return and hit return again for the password. It should log you in and you can do a
“ls” or “dir” command to see the files.

Once you’re in, cd to /ni-rt/system/. Here you’ll copy your program in as FRC_UserProgram.out. Once it’s copied, log out and reboot.