Downloading code- DS says "No Code"

We successfully completed all the benchtop testing, updated the Driver’s Station firmware, updated Labview with update 2.0, and reimaged the cRIO.

We are attempting to download just the basic code (no modifications), and are running into some issues. First, we downloaded the code, and we noticed that no “completed” or “deployed” message is shown, so we were unsure if it was finished.

The VI’s run button went from running (black arrow) to the deployed/run button after about 2 or 3 seconds. The DS displays “Battery: No Code,” and the joysticks do nothing.

There appears to be no problem with communicating with the cRIO, but nothing seems to happen.

when you click the run button can you move the robot with the joysticks?

Nope, the joysticks do nothing, and I am assuming it is because the drivers station believes there is no code on the cRIO (whether its right or not is unknown, though I believe unlikely).

well the ds will always say no code until you set the code as startup code. you do this by right clicking ‘build specifications’ in the project explorer window and selecting build. a progress bar should appear and once that is complete you right click ‘build specifications’ another time and select ‘run at startup’. can you ping the ds and crio?

Yes I can ping the DS and cRIO.

I totally forgot about the build specifications. Unfortunately, I am at home now, but I will try that tomorrow. That is probably our problem.


Thats slightly right.

The DS will only show “No code.” unless you have set the code to start on power. Otherwise, it will show the battery power after as you flash code (deploy for debugging) to the robot, if you don’t download any temporary code and don’t have a startup code - the DS will say “No code.”


yes thank you tanner for clarifying that
and if that battery volatage reads 00.00 volts you need to attach a jumper somewhere. (not very clear but its in the manual somewhere)