downloading directions for program

We are trying to find a VERY detailed listing of how the pprogram is downloaded to the robot. Can anyone point us in that direction?


Everything you need to know about using the 2009 Control System is found there.

The specific directions you want are different for the two programming environments teams are using this year. Do you use LabVIEW or C/C++?


Open up your Labview project .lvprog file
Expand your CRio Target
Right Click on Build Specification for your CRio Target and build ALL
It will then Build your program this takes us 30-40 seconds
Expand Build Specification (The one you just right clicked on under CRio Target)
Right Click on “FRC Robot Boot-up Deployment” and click on “Run as Startup” and it will download to your robot if the rest of your settings are right according to the benchtop tests

Thank you so very much.

We got it to work.

What a great support system the Chief Delphi site offers.

My laptop has vista on it and it will not allow us to build. It comes back error. We put it on one with XP and it allowed us to build and download. Do we have to do something different using vista?

Use ping to test the network settings. It could be that or a firewall, but it shouldn’t be isolated to download.

Greg McKaskle

For Vista? Try running as administrator. I have a sneaky feeling that UAC has a part to play in that.