Downloading Java Code 2012 Problem

We’ve used java in previous years but can’t seem to download code with this year’s updates. We installed all the updates, re-imaged the crio and installed netbeans plugins, but the download stops at the following message:

Waiting to connect to OTA command server of for past 11s

The rest of the output is attached.

ota command server problem.txt (2.16 KB)

ota command server problem.txt (2.16 KB)

My team had this problem earlier as well. Make sure your wireless connection is disabled and then make sure your Ethernet connection is configured as follows. IP: Subnet Mask: Everything else left BLANK. Now these settings assume you are using the classmate to build code to the robot. If you’re using a different computer make the IP instead. If that doesn’t work you can try changing the default gateway from blank to (robots ip). If none of that works post back here.

Also how are you uploading the code? Directly attached to the cRIO or through a modem/router on the robot?

We use a router.
IP addresses were set up as you said.
We ran the NI NetConsole utility for the cRIO. Then we tried to deploy code and got a socket bind error - already in use. After that, we closed netconsole and deployed again with no problems - go figure!

If anybody has an idea what happened, we’d like to know!

Earlier today, I had this exact same problem (or an exact manifestation of a different problem), and after some googling, I found the solution here. Basically, all you have to do is to reset the cRIO.