Downloading Parts for Inventor 2011

Hello, I just got inventor onto our brand new computer :).
I have some experience with Inventor and have no problem with parts and assemblies, however I am having trouble with downloading parts from Autodesk.

I have tried to download parts Directly off the Autodesk site.
And I have tried

Here is my problem:
I have no trouble actually downloading and saving them to my computer, but when I try and open the files, they open, however the part does not show up because every single part of the assembly is unresolved and has the little “question mark” by it.

So my question is: What am I doing wrong, and should I be downloading these parts?

Disclaimer: I am really not much of a computer person, however I enjoy CAD software.

Do me a favor:

Try downloading a part from here.


Have you tried double clicking in the part with the question mark?

It seems like I got everything sorted out.
I hadn’t extracted the files correctly >.< Kinda a “duh” moment for me.

And yes, the madtown Cad library worked for me too.

Sorry if this is kinda n00bish, but are there any i-parts that come with Inventor? Like, you specify dimensions for a piece of wood and it renders it for you.

Or do you have to CAD each piece?


Use the Content Center (your going to have to apply the properties and texture of wood manually).

This might also sound a bit n00bish (hello Thaine, lolz), but I remember downloading some kind of complete library of parts last year for inventor from an autodesk website or something.

Does anyone know of anything similar to this, and or how I can just download the entire library from

without having to download each part individually?

Here is the location for the 2011 Autodesk Inventor KOP:

Acquired from this thread. You might find some of the things brought up here both relevant and interesting:

Good Luck and Happy CADing!

Does anyone know where I can get the FTC components for Inventor? I didn’t see them on the Autodesk website.

FTC parts you can get from
or they are inside of SolidWorks under
Design Library>SolidWorksContent>Robotics>Tetrix

We have most of the parts modeled and also a robot assembly to help get you started.

Otherwise I would try PTC’s website for FIRST. I believe they are the official sponsors of FTC.


Autodesk sponsors FRC, so we did not create an FTC kit of parts.

As Marie has noted there are sites where you can download the FTC parts. You should be able to open/import into Inventor as parts or into an assembly.

Since they may not be native Inventor parts, you may have limited editing functionality, but for the purpose of this project they should work well.