Downloading Really Slow

We just got a new programming laptop and I’ve transfered all the files and software I need. However, whenever I download the code using IFI Loader, it downloads REALLY slow, and sometimes it stops in the middle of downloading. Does anyone have a solution for this? Thanks


What are you using for a USB-2-Serial adapter? Brand/Model would help.

Are you using a usb->serial adaptor? If so, check the driver. Make sure you are using an updated one that matches your operating system.

also go to the hardware settings and make sure the transfer rate is maxed - for whatever reason, the USB to Serial connector we used would not default to it’s highest speed when plugged in.

I bought a PCMCIA card to SERIAL adapter and the speed was much faster than my USB-SERIAL adapter. If you’ve got a laptop, you might want to pick up one of the cards off of eBay. They’re fairly cheap. :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m using a usb to serial adapter.

That explains it…

I’ve tried 5 or so different ones; The best one took 30 seconds or so minimum to download. Some didn’t even finish.

The orange VEX USB adapter seems to work ok, although it’s a lot slower than a real serial port.

We got a USB-Serial from RadioShack, and it was rather slow to download (I think somewhere in the 30-40 seconds range). You’re not alone.

The RadioShack unit is the same as the Vex Adapter. I’ve actually had better luck with the FTDI adapter then the Vex cable. Also, in general most people having trouble are using a Belkin branded cable, I don’t know what chipset it is but they seems to preform poorly. Recently I purchased a Cardbus Express adapter and that is smoken fast. I’m extremely excited that Vex will be WiFi later this year as it will resolve most of the USB-Serial issues people are having.

If you have an ExpressCard slot, this ( puppy here sent our DL time from 2 and a half minutes to 25 seconds or so. Best purchase ever.