Downloading the Photonvision software

Hi, I’m trying to download the Photonvision software for using the new April Tag technology.
I downloaded JDK and the “Photonvision 2023 Beta 6”, but the software didn’t open.
Could you help me to find the solution?
And after that, what should I do?

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This should help. Instructions are on the relevant page for your platform.

I tried everything from this page…and unfortunately it didn’t help.
Do you have more specific tips?

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What device are you trying to run it on?

computer with windows 11 OS

Can you provide a screenshot of what happens when you do “java -jar C:\path\to\photonvision\photonvision-xxx.jar”

The path to the file should be your actual path to the photonvision jar file (in windows you can right click the jar and do copy file path iirc)

  1. Move photonvision jar file into a separate folder
  2. open that folder using file explorer
  3. right click whilst pressing shift on a blank space
  4. click open a powershell window
  5. type “java -jar photo” and press tab (that should automatically enter in your photonvision jar’s name like “photonvision-v2023.1.1-beta-6.jar”)
  6. press enter
  7. go to localhost:5800 from your browser

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