downloading the WPI library off the SVN

I was downloading the WPI library through Windriver but when I entered the repository address it asked me for a password. The instructions say to just use your Sourceforge username and password but that didn’t work for me. Anyone know whats up?

The sourceforge username and passwords are for the Beta testing forum, FIRST is working on putting the sourcecode on a public server.
The instructions need to be updated as well

Hopefully it will be ready soon.

Ok so how do I get code onto the robot in the mean time?

I did not do the c++ programming for the beta testing, so i will ask our tem member that did.
But to the best of my knowledge, you do not need the sourcecode for the libraries to run you code.

0705920 is correct. You do not need the WPILib source to write code for your robot. I recommend starting with one of the example programs. Try File >> New >> Example…, VxWorks Downloadable Kernel Module Sample Project, Next >

Then choose one of the examples. “Iterative Robot Demo Main Program” worked for us. Then click “Finish”.

Dave D

thanks for the help.

Could you clarify what the voltage reader is? The analog bumper is plugged in, is there a separate voltage reader that needs to be plugged in, I didn’t see one in the kit of parts check list.

There is a 3 pin header above the 3x8 pin field. By installing a jumper, you may select the 8th analog input to either read the battery voltage or read what ever sensor you have plugged into the 8th row in the 3x8.

thank you very much, that’s good to know. I appreciate all your help.

The source code is now put up on the WPI site here:

This is a temporary thing until we get the SourceForge server up and running. Shouldn’t be too much longer.

What is the URL for check out from SVN Plugin from Windriver? This is from the FRC instructions however they don’t provide us with the URL.

Am I missing something? Or is this still an issue!? I can’t find a link to the subversion server anywhere!

They haven’t opened the SVN server, the last time I checked. Also, as a note, the code that is on the SVN server right now is the source code for all the WPI Library code (eg. RobotDriver.cpp, Gyro.cpp, etc.) The header files are installed when you install WindRiver Workbench.

On the first site there is a like to the current update (build 1562) is located here:

The larger file is the actual update, the smaller file is the source code for the WPI Library.

As if last week the 1562 build that is available above is either the same or more current the the SVN build on the beta WPI SourceForge site.

Note: Make sure you accomplish the benchtop test PRIOR to applying any of the updates. The instructions are tailored to the unmodified installed.

D. Sean Kelly
Beta Test Team #499

We’re getting closer to having the SVN server there, so for now keep downloading the zip file with the source code in it. We’ll let you know when it’s ready.