Downloading Video from a Camcorder woes

Okay I’ll try to be as specific as possible…
I recently bought a Panasonic PS-GV19 camcorder. I’ve tried downloading movies from it several times and it just won’t work (I was on operating system Windows XP: Home Edition). It says the device cannot be found and I’m pretty sure that XP has the appropriate drivers to download from DV. I tried using Windows Movie Maker. I am using a USB cable. I think this may be the problem but I don’t really know. Does anyone here know what the problem could be?

Are you sure that your USB ports are working at all? Try plugging something else in.

As far as I know, it depends on the particular camcorder as whether it allows USB video capture. For my camcorder, I had to buy an IEEE 1394 cable to be able to upload video to my computer, because the USB port on mine only transmitted the digital pictures to the computer.

I know the USB ports are working. As for the cable not working I think you’re probably right. I did move pictures across the cable but it doesn’t recognize the device for video. Also upon closer inspection I realized the firewire port says DV :rolleyes:. So I’ll be off to my local staples to buy a cable sometime soon.

Plan on spending 25-30 bucks for one (for a 6 foot cable I believe)… Darn cable. I had the same problem with our team’s camcorder, and had to buy a firewire cable. Good thing I have a port on my computer.