Downtime, Server Switch, Upgrades, Rewrites and Turkey...

… not necessarily in that order.

Starting this Saturday(?) the site may be on/off/unavailable for the next week. Here is what I’ll be doing:

  • moving to our own 100% dedicated server (bigger, faster, stable…er, etc)
  • Upgrading to ‘vB3 Gamma’. They say ‘Late November’, I hope they mean this weekend or next week.
  • Making vB3 look like it belongs on
  • Re-writing Image Gallery, White Papers, UFH, Ventures, etc.
  • Eating Turkey. I don’t really like turkey, actually, so maybe not. :slight_smile:
  • Relaxing. It’s my vacation, and I’m upgrading the site – I’m insane. I guess this is my build season.

[edit]sanddrag asked if PM’s and such will be kept. Yes, all data (user accounts, pm’s, threads, posts, pictures) will be moved to the new server & be available when the new server is online.[/edit]

Anyway – if you get to the site and stuff is turned off, broken, or not responding – you are hitting it mid-switch, and should try back again. It won’t help to keep refreshing or anything. If you want a semi-accurate update on what is happening with the site, bookmark this link: I will update it every so often, if I know the site is having issues or unavailable.

I thought I’d just post this to give some of you time to start preparing for some downtime. What ever will you do? :smiley:

[edit]11-23-2003: Still no vb3. Waiting till Tuesday/Wednesday[/edit]

**[edit]11-24-2003:Just put in request to have DNS changed/configured. If the site dies, check the link mentioned above for updates.[/edit]

DNS Change scheduled for 7am, Nov 26.

The forums will be shut down late tonight or early tomorrow morning.

will you give us an IP address to use while the DNS propogates?

Yeah, once I figure out which IP I will be using, I will post it.

Keep checking for updates, info, and new links.