It seems that we have outgrown our current hosting solution, and its only pre-season. So, we are forced to upgrade again. We have purchased our own Virtual Private Server, through Ventures Online, and are getting moved over to it on Friday, November 29, at 7AM MDT.

So – the site will be turned off on Thursday night, so I can do a 100% full backup, without worrying about new data being added [forums, images, white papers, etc].

The site should be back up on Friday afternoon. Give it until Monday, for DNS changes, etc. I hope you regulars can find something to do with your free time :slight_smile: j/k

Anyway – What does this mean for the site in the future?

  1. We don’t share with 500+ sites, as we do now.
  2. We have 100% full control over our server.
  3. We have more harddrive space.
    and much more :slight_smile:

So, to recap:
Thursday, approx 10PM EST - Site goes offline until Friday afternoon; Monday, at the latest, depending on your DNS servers.


Way cool…

Private Server (wish i had one of those (and i ain’t talking about my pc ) :slight_smile: )

BTW: I saw that we have ~2000 users. When was the last time you ‘pruned’ them? Or… don’t you?

BUT… what will i do w/ all my free time? I guess i’ll be forced to either write some php or 3ds max (i need to do both) :cool:

PS: I was just looking. I’ve made +150 posts so far. My first post was on the last day of finals. I don’t even want to think how much i’ll be posting during the season :slight_smile:



word does not compute in vocabulary…

all i can say is i’m glad that i’ll probably be too busy to notice anyway, with all the relatives and such over :p.

This is supposed to my escape from family! Now, you’re expecting me to talk to them. Ugh. I don’t know if I can handle that.

*Originally posted by M. Krass *
**This is supposed to my escape from family! Now, you’re expecting me to talk to them. Ugh. I don’t know if I can handle that. **

:slight_smile: hahah

@Jack: I am going to prune about 200 inactive users that havent been here since like february tomorrow. They have been emailed, and responded if they planned on coming back. I may prune a few more, not sure though.

@Ian: thats whats good about the time this is being moved. most people will be with family or out of town to notice. And then theres those who don’t have work/school – and will notice :slight_smile: Sorry.

I’m with M…
how am I to escape from family now?

I guess I’m tigerbolting tons…

time for…other things?? legs too tired to get up…need segway

you know something, it’s kind of pathetic that we’re moaning about the board being down for a few days… :stuck_out_tongue:

oh well, i guess that without school to keep us busy (or at least out of the house and away from computers) it shows how bored we are :).

Now I have to think about something to do with all that annoying freetime that ChiefDelphiused to take up.

At least for a few days anyways.:frowning:

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You could come and post on while CD is down!

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So much for posting RoboIDE this weekend. Oh well…

Anyway, good luck with the new server, migration, etc.

*Originally posted by jk2005 *
**At least for a few days anyways.:frowning: **

The timeframe I originally said is a worst-case scenario – I have faith that Ventures Online will have us up & ready to go Friday afternoon. I already transferred the DNS so the whole process would move along smoother/faster – so actually the site could be pointing to the new (empty) server as early as tomorrow. We’ll see.

If the main page is blank, or not found – you’ll know you’re seeing the new server…

*Originally posted by Brandon Martus *
**prune… tomorrow. **

Or right now.

Note the 1935 members, as opposed to the 2200 you may have seen earlier. Anybody who hasn’t been here (and logged in) since 03-01-2002, and has never posted – and didnt respond to my ‘goodbye’ email – are gone.

We alwasy welcome you to the Team 384 Forums at

This is the time when we all are supposed to get real lives… err… maybe I’m just talking about myself…

Oh well, I could probably use some time away…