There were a few misunderstandings during the preventative maintenance we had scheduled which caused about 10 hours rather than the expected 2 hours. We’re back to where we were this morning when the server was shut off, with very little loss of data. (Any e-mails sent to a address between about Noon and 9PM EST were lost; please resend.) They reverted the maintenance they were performing, so expect some more downtime in the next day or two. We’ll definitely be on for kickoff this weekend, though.

**Update - 01/04 1:04PM - **There will be more downtime this afternoon, for a few hours.

My life can now go on… :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad to see CD back!

Clearly, this was meant only as a distraction so that higher powers might remove information from the clue thread that hit a little too close to home.

Thank you Brandon… :slight_smile: