Dr. Amar Bose

Dr. Bose passed away over the weekend. Most of you know him for the consumer products that bear his name. However, he was a leader in acoustic research and professional sound system design. He was one of my inspirations. An audio instructor once pointed out that Dr. Bose was one of those who “you watched to see what he did”. Often looking at his techniques was a revelation into thinking outside the box, way outside.

A sad day for the acoustic world.

I somewhat recently started working in the acoustic industry (@ Sonos) and it is amazing how much of an influence Dr. Bose had on this entire industry. He was a professor at MIT, and working in acoustics in Massachusetts means I hardly spend a day without someone who worked with him.

Condolences to the entire Bose family, both professionally and personally.


Thanks for posting this Al. His last lecture that was recorded and linked to the website you posted was incredible.
What a great story of a man who dedicated his life to teaching, and a great gift to MIT.


I visited their campus years ago and Dr. Bose was well loved (and often quoted) by every person I met. Thanks for posting this - I didn’t know about MIT owning majority shares in the company.


I have been working with acoustics for about 40 years and I have heard and see his innovations for all that time. He will be greatly missed in the industry and to the world.