Dr. Dean Kamen has a nice ring to it!

Congrats to Dean on his latest recognition: Yale University Honorary Doctorate in Engineering and Technology.

For the record, he maintained his traditional dress code augmented with a hood and gown.

Congratulations Dr. Dean Kamen :smiley:

Well deserved, Dr. Kamen. :slight_smile:

BTW, this is not not Dean’s first honorary doctorate – I believe he has been awarded several others. However, the others* probably have to concede to Yale when it comes to gravitas.

*I’ll include my own alma mater (Georgia Tech) among those that should concede gravitas to Yale.

Nice, congrats!

I don’t believe Dr. Dean Kamen is correct, as Lord should take precedence. I believe that he should simply be referred to as Lord Dumpling

Congrats Dean Kamen! This man is a legend.