Dr. Earl Scime, 2012 WFA winner, team 2614.

Congratulations to Dr. Earl Scime, Mentor from Team 2614, MARS, Morgantown, W.Va. on being the 2012 Woodie Flowers Award Winner!

We are so proud of him! West Virginia and MARS could not have a better leader and educator to inspire the spread of FIRST and STEM. Truly awe-inspiring.

At the 2010 Championship in Atlanta, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Earl Scime and his son, Luke (who was later named a 2010 Dean’s List Winner). It must run in the family. I could tell from the little I talked to him that he was very serious about and had done a lot to promote FIRST and STEM education in West Virginia, from the massive FLL program they got up and running to the FRC team itself, as well as probably countless other things we don’t know about. It should be noted that he has accomplished all of this while also conducting research and serving as the chair of the physics department at WVU. Undoubtedly a very deserving leader and mentor for this award.

Congratulations, Dr. Earl Scime!

I almost feel with all that went on with Einstein that Dr. Scime may gotten lost in the shuffle. I am glad this thread was revived.

Congrats Dr. Scime, your efforts are an inspiration to us all.

Thanks for the kind words in this thread. It has been a great year for team MARS. Winning WFA after MARS won the Pittsburgh regional (with great partners 48 and 375), winning Chairman’s at the NC Regional, and then having great summer experiences at CORI and IRI this summer - I am feeling re-energized for another fall of FLL and winter of FRC. I must admit, having a Dean’s List Award and a Woodie Flowers Award in the same house is pretty cool !