Dr. Joe--No Dew?

Here is a few interesting pics from the Cleveland Regional.


I think 47 has every reason to be proud of their terrific machine. Unfortunately I was not able to archive the Buckeye matches, but from what I saw 47 had one of the best ball machines in the country - I for one would really would like to see 47 go head-to-head with 16. It would be stellar.

Looking forward to seeing what the Beatty team is bringing to the table. Remember - vengence is a dish best served cold.

That was probably a match when the chief’s robot died on the field, when their circuit breaker tripped… A lot of us were really disappointed in the chat room when we saw that happen… Really hope chief delphi fix that problem for the next regional.

I guess it will be up to us to keep the supply of dew going for Dr. Joe at Nationals. Wasn’t there some bet a long time ago when we lost against Dr. Joe’s guesses on what the game would look like? There got to be about 10 cases of Dew going to Florida because of that…

By the way,

I was able to archive the webcast of the Saturday matches, which mean matches that morning, and almost all of the finals.

The only down side is, they are archive of the webcast, so not that good quality, and there is no sound. But for you scouting people out there, it should be good enoguh to show you what robots did at the Cleveland regional, and what their strategy is.

I talked to Jason about uploading them onto firstrobotics.net, and he told me he can give me account to upload this Wednesday. So, as soon as I got them uploaded, people can go in and download them.

Anyone interested in seeing the Chief’s robot in action, let me know, send me a a private message, and maybe I can arrange some private files transfer over AIM to show you a couple of matches. :wink:

Inside Scoop from Cleveland:

Dew is out, Cafeinated Water is in… :wink:

Yay to Crank-2-o!!! All it is is caffein and water!!!

Joe’s new drink of choice is “Water Joe”. Sold st Meijers this water has a kick of caffine equal to several cups of strong coffee.

Dew is out … water is in, well not just regular water.

BTW… we did trip our breaker several times. We have located the problem and have a fix. Interesting , the characterics of the breaker (60) amp. Not what we had thought.

If my memory servers, this picture is from Friday morning, our second match of the day… here is the strory…

My head is in my hands because I broke my own rules! I downloaded totally new code to the robot without a thorough trial before running a match.

I tried it out on a 3 ft piece of carpet, but that is not a fair trial as I am in the process of learning (again!) as Darrell snaps his pictures.

I was disgusted with myself. Our robot could turn right but not left. I don’t mean that it could SWERVE right but not left, I mean it could only TURN right. It was aweful.



Joe J.

P.S. As to Mt. Dew, sometimes we go without things we really ove if the reasons are sufficient. I choose not to make my reasons public right now but I obviously consider them sufficient. Thanks for leaving it at that. JJ

Oops. Somoetimes two minutes can seem like an eternity.