Dr Joe’s Gif of the Week Contest 2019: Submissions Week 3

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Dr. Joe J.

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“A Strange Strategy”
After taking a damaging hit to our cargo intake, Team 1533 Triple Strange somehow managed to pick up another cargo and score it. 2019ncgui_f1m2

Title: “Getting Complacent”
After running our autonomous routines numerous times successfully, came this supposed gyro failure, leading to a tipover that was due to an idiotic button arrangement - that uses the same button to switch from autonomous to manual control (when autonomous is running) and to activate our climb (in teleop).

The arrangement was obviously changed right after this match, but for added comedic effect it should be noted that a meme was sent to all Israeli mentors a few minutes prior to this match, joking about how things never go as planned regarding autonomous action. We were pretty smug about how it doesn’t apply to our situation this year, you know what they say - Karma’s a B*tch!

Left: What I had planned, Right: What actually happened


An Official Penalty!

Truly hope your foot is okay, Team 5675.

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View from behind :fearful:

Cargo is the ultimate counter defense

GIF link

686 gets tipsy on the L3 climb

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