Dr Joe's 2019 Official GIF Competition

So… …Let’s light this candle…

For the past few years I have run a GIF competition. It costs me $10 a week but it gives me WAY more than $10 worth of joy.

Every week, I will make an OFFICIAL SUBMISSION THREAD. Submit your GIFs to that thread before the deadline. There will be other rules in that thread about submissions, etc. follow the rules or risk a DQ from the Benevolent Dictator that runs the competition.

Shortly after the deadline, I will make an OFFICIAL VOTING THREAD for that week. Vote 'em up.

Winning submitters (not necessarily the stars of the GIF) get a $10 Amazon gift card courtesy of the Benevolent Dictator.

This year’s guidelines.

#1, IT HAS TO HAVE AT LEAST ONE FRC ROBOT COMPETING IN AN OFFICIAL FRC MATCH* IN THE GIF SOMEWHERE. Not every frame certainly but not just one frame either. Robots have to be in there or why not just post it to giphy right? Also, you have to identify the match using The Blue Alliance Match Naming Scheme.


That’s it. Multiple submissions of the same event are allowed. I will instruct voters to vote for the 1st submission if subsequent submissions of the same event are not “Transformative” in the copyright sense**

I am looking forward to seeing what the CD community comes up with.

Let the games begin…

Dr. Joe J.

*NOT A PRACTICE MATCH. Don’t even try it. I know, I know, it’s arbitrary and capricious. Run your own GIF competition. This is the hill I am going to die on… FRC Robots. In an official FRC match.

**basically meaning you’ve done something to make it a new creative work – maybe you’ve added a ref to a FIRST meme or you’ve added Dean Riding the falling robot like a bronco or something but if it is just the same old same old, I think the 1st submission ought to get the nod. The Benevolent Dictator of the contest will be sure to put his thumb on the scale when he’s setting up the voting thread…


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