Dr Joe's Gif of the Week Contest 2018: Submissions Houston Half Worlds

The purpose of this thread is to collect and discuss official submissions for Week 8 (a.k.a. Houston Half Worlds) of Dr Joe’s Gif of the Week Contest 2018

Note. After consideration, I have decided to allow comments as well as submissions in this message thread. Keep things pretty much on topic (let’s avoid strategy and rules discussions for example) but feel free to discuss GIFs in this thread.

Reminder of the rules/details:

  1. Clip has to be an actual GIF
    that you include in a response to THIS submission thread via that “Insert Image” icon.
    Find a public place online to host the gif file and then link to it when you use the “Insert Image” icon. You should find a sort of safe place to upload them because if nobody can see your gif because their school or work blocks the host site, you are not going to win. FWIW, I really want the GIF to play as soon as you load your message. Don’t make folks follow links if you want to win the $10.

  2. Clip must include a shot of a robot
    competing in an OFFICIAL match played the week named in the thread.
    You can have crowd shots, reactions, split screens, grinders, SpaceX Boosters, etc. but you MUST have at least a full second of an FRC robot in the Gif some how some way.

  3. You have to IDENTIFY the robot(s) and the match played in the submission thread.

I prefer the TBA match naming convention if you want to impress the judge.

  1. First come, first served. If clips of the same event are submitted, the earlier submitted gif is the winner.

This can get a little tricky. Look to copyright law for guidance. If your gif is “transformative” (say you use the same clip but the REASON it is a better gif is that you added something creative or juxtaposed other items or in some way added a transformative element then MAYBE the judge will allow a reuse of that clip). Just like in the US legal system, it is going to be a roll of the dice. If you want to risk it, go for it. Eyes wide open. Read next rule.

  1. Two things that will make it easier for me to make the voting thread.
  • Include a proposed title

for the gif for me to use in the voting thread

  • Only one gif per post
    (if you want to submit multiple gifs, make multiple message replies)
  1. I am the official arbitrator of disputes and rules interpretations.

Start your own dang contest if you are really that unhappy.
Really. Life is too short for this kind of nonsense.

Let’s have some fun.

Also, go vote for your favorite Week 6 Gif here
AND your favorite Week 7 Gif here

Dr. Joe J.

This week’s GIF is a new take on an old classic, I’ll call it:

FIRST Needs More Cheesy Vision

The robot playing here is 254, but I made sure to include a few frames of 148 so that I’m following the rules.

The match is 2018cmptx_f1m1

I don’t have the time to make it into a gif, but 148 and 1296 spinning in the final seconds of the Einstein round robin got the loudest ovation I heard all weekend.

+1 that Is the clear winner of this competition. Might as well close the voting.

teamifi Going for a Spin

148 and 1296 in 2018cmptx_sf1m14

I’ve been watching for this post for the past 3 days just to miss my chance! Darn!

Quality stuff though, I’d say the most legendary thing since 330’s 2016 finals match 2.

2231 picks up 3512 using their elevator in Turing Semifinals Match 1-2 after their autonomous OOF.

If a double reverse 4 bar falls on Einstein in Houston does it make a sound in Detroit?

All credit for the title goes to Jack Sneeringer. Match is 2018cmptx_sf1m15, the once again broken DR4B belongs to 1778. Supporting cast of 4061, 1619, 1678, 1323, 3476.

Buzzer Beater

Teams Involved:
6502, DARC Side

Carver Quarters 1-3

This was pretty insane. In the last 15 seconds of the match, they picked up a cube from the portal, ran back around their switch and to their side of the scale on the other side of the field and landed a cube on top of another layer of cubes with the scale against them. Dropkick definitely wins my vote for favorite robot, mostly because it was so fast and so versatile.

I thought I was watching FIRST Overdrive for a second there…wow that was fast

Toward the end of our first district event, I sat down to watch a few matches. After a couple of ho-hum matches, Darcside came out and lit up the field. I pulled out my phone and jotted down notes about how quick they were, how well they played strategy-wise and how well they could do everything. I fully intended to collect other scouting notes for my team, but by the time we got to the end of quals, I had only taken that one set of notes (mostly because no one else had really grabbed my attention the way they did). We were first pick of the first seed alliance and when our alliance’s second pick came around, Darcside was still available (which was amazing given that there were only 32 teams at the event). Our alliance picked them up and they were a huge help in winning that event.

It was great to watch them progress throughout the season and just keep getting better and better at each event. They were 3rd seed alliance captain at their second event and then 2nd seed alliance captain at the district champs. I was thrilled to see them as an alliance captain on Carver!

Amazing performance for their second year!

I can’t wait to see what these guys will do next year! Watch out for these guys. They are going to be huge!

"If a robot falls in the finals…"

RED 3310 118 6377
BLUE 1678 1619 4061

I hope this doesn’t recall painful memories for anyone, but it certainly was one of the most dramatic finishes I saw this season. In the Newton finals, the #1 red alliance came oh so close to forcing a third match, but 6377 falls off 3310 with about a second to go.