Dr Joe's Gif of the Week Contest 2018: Week 1 Voting

11 great submissions. Let’s vote 'em up.

  1. 2018orore_qm64_5970_7032
  2. 2018 ORORE Qual 58, Teams 1432, 6959 and 2550 (Blue Alliance)
  3. 340 picking up 191 in 2018nyut_qm34
  4. 40/2791 doing a double scale auto in 2018nyut_qf1m2
  5. Team 88 2018mawor_qm24
  6. 862 2018migib_f1m2
  7. 2018scmb_qm20 6626, 1287
  8. Double entry. My Bad…
  9. Quals 14 2018 FIM District Kettering University Event #1
  10. 2018nyut_sf1m2
  11. FiM Southfield 67 in match 35

Great clip, didn’t meet the rules:
Match 62 Durham???

Voting closes in 1 week.

Dr. Joe J.

You copied the same link for both of these by accident, when the second one should be different.

Submission had two gifs in one message. Probably should have a rule not allowing that going forward.

Dr. Joe J.

ahh, I didn’t scroll down. I see that now.

I just noticed that I had entered the same gif twice. I deleted the link but left the space to keep the numbering the same for those already voted.


Joe J.

62 votes? Come on! Don’t tell me the CD community only has 62 people with views they want to let the world know about.

Dr. Joe J.

We have a WINNER!

EricDrost, PM me and we can work out the details of getting you your prize.

Now everyone, go vote for Week 2’s Gif of the Week.

And submit your Gifs for Week 3.

Dr. Joe J.