Dr Joe's Gif of the Week Contest 2018: Week 2 Submissions

The purpose of this thread is JUST to collect official submissions for Week 2 of Dr Joe’s Gif of the Week Contest 2018

Don’t use this thread for anything else. If you want to WOOT or HOOT or whatever, start another thread and do it there. THIS thread is JUST for submitting to the contest.

Reminder of the rules/details:

  1. Clip has to be an actual GIF
    that you include in a response to THIS submission thread via that “Insert Image” icon.
    Find a public place online to host the gif file and then link to it when you use the “Insert Image” icon. You should find a sort of safe place to upload them because if nobody can see your gif because their school or work blocks the host site, you are not going to win. FWIW, I really want the GIF to play as soon as you load your message. Don’t make folks follow links if you want to win the $10.

  2. Clip must include a shot of a robot
    competing in an OFFICIAL match played the week named in the thread.
    You can have crowd shots, reactions, split screens, grinders, SpaceX Boosters, etc. but you MUST have at least a full second of an FRC robot in the Gif some how some way.

  3. You have to IDENTIFY the robot(s) and the match played in the submission thread.

I prefer the TBA match naming convention if you want to impress the judge.

  1. First come, first served. If clips of the same event are submitted, the earlier submitted gif is the winner.

This can get a little tricky. Look to copyright law for guidance. If your gif is “transformative” (say you use the same clip but the REASON it is a better gif is that you added something creative or juxtaposed other items or in some way added a transformative element then MAYBE the judge will allow a reuse of that clip). Just like in the US legal system, it is going to be a roll of the dice. If you want to risk it, go for it. Eyes wide open. Read next rule.

  1. Two things that will make it easier for me to make the voting thread.
  • Include a proposed title

for the gif for me to use in the voting thread

  • Only one gif per post
    (if you want to submit multiple gifs, make multiple message replies)
  1. I am the official arbitrator of disputes and rules interpretations.

Start your own dang contest if you are really that unhappy.
Really. Life is too short for this kind of nonsense.

Let’s have some fun.

Also, go vote for your favorite Week 1 Gif here

Dr. Joe J.

The Knights make orange juice

**Pictured robots: 1836 - The MilkenKnights (blue) and 1011 - CRUSH (red) in **2018azfl_qf3m3

Where baby robots come from:

4603 and 842, 2018azfl_f1m1

Dawgma Does the Bounce Back

Pictured: 365 & 1712 at the MAR District Westtown Event Match Q48

Ah yes, a good ole fashioned G11 violation veiled as defensive prowess. Is it 2014 again?

Seems clear to me from the design of both robots and in that gif that all contact was out of the frame perimeter. Mike or anyone, if you have a different reading of the rule/situation, please let me know so I can make sure my drive team avoids doing that again.

Team 25 in Qualification Match 79 at the MAR Mount Olive District Event (2018njfla_qm79)

Original hi-res clip: https://youtu.be/QeuLvNKSuBc?t=3h2m18s

Backstory: We went into our last qualification match knowing we were locked in as the second seeded team. Even if we got 3 RP to tie 303’s ranking score, they had us beat on park/climb points. Having run a center switch auto all competition, we hadn’t yet tested our scale autonomous on the actual field and wanted to before the elimination rounds. The randomizer placed our scale plate on the opposite side of the field and our elevator happened to break at the same time as the robot was scoring autonomously. The cube released from the grabber as programmed and took ownership of the scale for our alliance. We immediately dragged the broken elevator, which was now only connected to the robot via pneumatic tubing, off the scale plate to the floor at the start of teleop to avoid the technical foul. That cube ended up being the only cube scored on the scale for the entire match, giving us the win.

I legitimately thought this would be a high-scoring penalty match when the lift collapsed, but right before you were disabled the tower came crashing down to the ground right in front of me and I believe there was only one G25 foul and tech foul. That single cube won the match, and you got to fine-tune your auto as well!

Edit: Picture of the aftermath.

The Autonomous Everyone Dreams Of

6800 Qual match 5 Hub City Regional

I don’t know what’s funnier… The robot dancing or the ref dancing behind it!

Initially, I agreed with you on this. But, if you watch the video in slow mo closely at1:30-1:34ish you see the plastic in 1011 change shape which means that the picker from 1836 was pushing inside the frame perimeter. Hard to avoid unless you point your picker up when you go on the attack (drive team advice). If the ref had been watching more closely, I think a foul would have been called. It clearly wasn’t the purpose of the driver and certainly wasn’t as egregious as 668 disemboweling 2073, though. Great matches! You folks were definitely high in our pick list discussions.

OK, guys. Can we return this thread to its purpose, of SUBMISSIONS ONLY for the GIF of the Week? Per Dr. Joe, y’all can start your own threads for discussion said incidents.


(Sorry, Dr. Joe, I got nuthin’ for the contest.)

Neutral Battle


2175 and 1259 both place a cube on their scale plate, keeping the scale in balance.

Closer video of the Neutral Battle

(Note: TBA seems to have incorrect team info; it lists 2175’s alliance as red, even though it was blue)

2175 is the elevator but 2846 is the shooter. 1259 was in the other regional. 2175 was, in fact, red during f1m3, as they were the second pick of the first seed alliance and the red alliance is from the higher seeded side of the bracket.

The video you posted does not match with the GIF. The GIF was from finals match 3 of mndu, while the video is from the Double DECCr (winners of Lake Superior in blue vs winners of Northern Lights in red). This same-time scale placement happened in both matches. You can see that in the GIF the closer robot is a shooter (2175red vs. 2846blue in f1m3) while the video has two elevators (1259red vs 2175blue in double DECCr)

edit: sorry this is not a submission :confused: