Dr Joe's Gif of the Week Contest 2018: Week 3 Submissions

The purpose of this thread is JUST to collect official submissions for Week 3 of Dr Joe’s Gif of the Week Contest 2018

Don’t use this thread for anything else. If you want to WOOT or HOOT or whatever, start another thread and do it there. THIS thread is JUST for submitting to the contest.

Reminder of the rules/details:

  1. Clip has to be an actual GIF
    that you include in a response to THIS submission thread via that “Insert Image” icon.
    Find a public place online to host the gif file and then link to it when you use the “Insert Image” icon. You should find a sort of safe place to upload them because if nobody can see your gif because their school or work blocks the host site, you are not going to win. FWIW, I really want the GIF to play as soon as you load your message. Don’t make folks follow links if you want to win the $10.

  2. Clip must include a shot of a robot
    competing in an OFFICIAL match played the week named in the thread.
    You can have crowd shots, reactions, split screens, grinders, SpaceX Boosters, etc. but you MUST have at least a full second of an FRC robot in the Gif some how some way.

  3. You have to IDENTIFY the robot(s) and the match played in the submission thread.

I prefer the TBA match naming convention if you want to impress the judge.

  1. First come, first served. If clips of the same event are submitted, the earlier submitted gif is the winner.

This can get a little tricky. Look to copyright law for guidance. If your gif is “transformative” (say you use the same clip but the REASON it is a better gif is that you added something creative or juxtaposed other items or in some way added a transformative element then MAYBE the judge will allow a reuse of that clip). Just like in the US legal system, it is going to be a roll of the dice. If you want to risk it, go for it. Eyes wide open. Read next rule.

  1. Two things that will make it easier for me to make the voting thread.
  • Include a proposed title

for the gif for me to use in the voting thread

  • Only one gif per post
    (if you want to submit multiple gifs, make multiple message replies)
  1. I am the official arbitrator of disputes and rules interpretations.

Start your own dang contest if you are really that unhappy.
Really. Life is too short for this kind of nonsense.

Let’s have some fun.

Also, go vote for your favorite Week 2 Gif here

Dr. Joe J.

340 executing a perfect cross-field scale auto, placing the cube in the opponent’s side of the scale (and costing their only loss at FLR).

Match 2018nyro_qf1m1

The Ref Cube Launch

Team 5498 accidentally launching a cube at a ref during Q23 auton of the FiM Lincoln District.

Steal that Cube


Robots in question: 4557 and 4055 on the right side. In the match: 2067, 4557, 155 vs. 4055, 2064, 1099.


“Unexpected Coopertition”

Do practice matches count? Robots involved: 5817 graciously gives a cube to 1323. Other robots in match: 3257, 3970, 5507, 5940.

Sacramento Regional (2018cada) Practice Match 14.

No more GIFs?

Seems like Week 3 was more exciting than that.

Should I cancel the contest for lack of interest?

Dr. Joe J.

Signaling Device or Game Piece?


Do human actions count as long as there are robots competing? Head Ref drops his flag into the field, but the teams decide that cubes are more useful. Robots in match: 5883, 6907, and 6941 on red against 5453, 5823, and 6991 on blue.

Please don’t I quite enjoy it and will actually have things to submit this week. (Week 4)

Feel free to delete this post if it’s breaking the rules of the thread, but please don’t stop the contest. Some of the GIFs posted in these threads belong in the Hall of Fame alongside the 2004 190 River Rage pole vault and the time 1519’s out of bounds kick in 2010.

"Four Blue Cubes in Switch in Auto"

Blue: 133 5735 509
Red: 1761 6731 246

I was impressed by BERT’s autonomous, which worked like a charm all weekend, and was a serious deterrent to those switch stealing robots out there.

I also agree with the others who say this is fun - please don’t stop! I think perhaps this week the two videos of the amazing practice match autonomous and the referee terrorizing autonomous were too good to compete with so maybe that subdued the response? Either way, those two clips are gold! I thought I would continue the theme with this impressive autonomous.

This is awesome! We practiced this at our shop a few times… haha

Love this gif but… not in an official match so… not going to allow it. Sorry. JJ