Dr. Knowitall Game

Here’s how it work’s
I’ll post a question and then you post three words to make sense in answering the question so the answer will make sense.

When will global warming end the world?

Far, far away

a while later

Sometime next thursday

the last day.

Sooner with apathy

(btw, do we get to ask the next question? That might make this last longer.)

Here’s another question.
Why is the build only six weeks?

To torture us.

Dave’s Donut Addiction

To Panic Us

funding is LOW

rules say so

Adds more pressure.

Um… 42?

Coffee drinking conspiracy

because any longer is to easy and shorter is two hard

and the people who invented robotics wanted it this way duh

to team bond

FIRST Standard Unit

//Ummmm… you might want to read the rules//

we need constraints

combat snowbound doldrums (aka fighting cabin fever)