Draft Desserters

You know the type. Join the league and when draft day comes around they are never heard from again (at not until well after the draft) thus ruining the flow of the draft and tripping up everyone’s mojo.
So what should be done to (uh… I mean with) these miscreants?

I was pondering this today a bit. What if we set up a system where after the FF for a regional is announced you have a confirmation PM you need to respond to to get registered for? Only the confirmation PM is sent out 24 hours after your put your name down on the list. I’d say email but, that would, and then the day before the draft you have another confirmation just before the randomization is done.

Better yet we set up that website we always talk about. You know, FF central.

If they don’t draft its their own fault. Even though im sure there are a number of people that would get in to take there spot they should still be allowed to be in. Its just a waste for them.

I smell an offseason project!


I say if they miss one pick OK, maybe they forgot/had something preplanned like i did tonight. But after missing two picks in the draft i say they should get booted. BUT here comes the other option, possibly bring in a back up guy but then they are 2 rounds behind?

Personally, I’m opposed to assigning a team through any sort of List of Fate. It just doesn’t flow well, and you may be doing that person a favor. (Wasn’t it Elgin who List of Fated HOT last season at the Championship?) Throwing them out is a bit of a problem as well, since the person drafting next in round three could suddenly make a magical score of a first-rounder just returned to the pool.

Here’s how I play it: If someone has a blank that isn’t filled by the end of the trading deadline, they get a game-ending -25 in my book. At that point, the only way to win would be to have something on the par of 2002-era Beatty and 2005-era HOT as your other two picks. Good luck there.