Draft KOP Checklist for Control System revealed

Check out this post on Bill’s Blog…regarding the early shipment of the control system. There is a link to the
Draft 2009 KOP Checklist for the early shipment of the control system


Lots of good stuff…
cRIO of course and its components but also
a camera, joysticks, Jaguar Motor Controllers, a single Victor Motor Controller,

Check it out!!!

It comes with a screwdriver! :smiley:


It only looks like, feels like, smells like, works like, and is like a screwdriver. Actually, it is a WAGO TOOL. This wonderful item grants you access to the magic of the PD’s output connectors.

I searched the Jaguar part number and it looks like it will be available from Mouser soon!

Currently they are listed at $98.50 per controller with a minimum quantity of 20, and estimated availability on December 12. I would imagine they would discount that price a little more for FIRST teams though.

In the recent teleconference about the new control system they mentioned that the Jaguar will be available at a discount through digikey, if I recall correctly. My notes are not in front of me. Also, teams will be able to by one extra FRC cRIO bundle at better than education pricing, but the pricing on both of these “has not been announced yet.”


Here is an actual page having info about the Jaguar specifically for FIRST teams.


I find it very frustrating that FIRST has not yet announced pricing of a second control system. We are quickly approaching the start of the season, and the cost of the controller will determine whether many teams are able to build practice robots or not.

From the call, it seemed that they are down to figuring out distribution details. Teams will be allowed to buy 1 extra FRC cRIO set at a price substantially lower that the educational rate, and then will be able to buy more with the educational discount. They are working to ensure that only FRC teams are able to buy the cRIO at this price point, and that each team only gets one. If you can figure out the educational NI price, it will be less than that.

I know my team priced out the cRIO modules at cost from the NI website and has budgeted for a second one at that price while hoping it wouldn’t cost that much. There are so many kids involved this year the lead mentors don’t know what to do other than build two bots. :smiley: