Drafting standard ANSI Y 14.5 Detail & Section view question

In this spec does it say anything if a Detail view and a Section view can have the same letter designation.

For example can I have a Detail A & a Section A-A on the same drawing?

Some people Ive worked with say it is ok to be the same, and some disagree and want to for example have Detail A and Section B if we have one of each.

Anyone have this spec handy?

I don’t have my book in front of me but I don’t recall anything on the topic. I would not use the same label for a detail and a section, just for clarity. I think the only case which I would use the same labels for both is if they were included in the same feature, such as an undercut detail call out where I also show a section view to get the geometry. People naturally associate letters so it wouldn’t be good practice to use the same labels for un-associated details.