Drag Racing....

was it true that there was a drag race thing going on at houston last year?
is there going to be one this year?

we SparX 1126 would like to try it out…

If you are talking about “Chariot Races” then yes. Typically, teams that do not make the elimination rounds enter these races for fun. They don’t care if they burn out a motor since there is no more competition. The concept is simple: tie your robot to your cart (chariot), put your lightest team member (charioteer) on the cart, give him the Operator Interface (reigns) and teather it to the bot (horse), Then GO (VADO)! Which ever team crosses the finish line first wins. GeroniMOE won a couple races last year. The driver even forgot to put the throttle all the way up :rolleyes: We wanted to have chariot race at the Duel on the Delaware (our off season comp), but we couldnt fit it into the schedule.

Wow!! that sounds very fun…anybody have pictures from last year?? will they be doing that this year??

Hey, I might have a “bot” that may be competitive in the “Drag Race”,http://www.wideopenwest.com/~pmgracer/images/GBPASS.jpg :smiley:

what kind of hp ya got on that thing? I wana race you:D

I believe these races have been going on for many years (at least since I joined the program in 2001). They are incredibly fun. They used my MOE bandanna as the starting flag. We probably have pictures but I doubt I could ever find them because our team has way too many pictures and video.

Atlanta should be no different. It will have a parking lot and teams who don’t make it to Elims (well over a hundred). Chariot races are a spontaneous thing, because you never know who will get picked. If you find yourself among the majority of teams that don’t make the cut (remember to think positively, don’t assume you will not make it), you could organize one yourself. Just talk your team into the idea, and then run around to other pits to recruit some competition. You could even try to organize it beforehand with a thread, but I think people will be reluctant to commit to anything. You could set a meeting time and place and maybe a few teams would show up. I think we had about a half dozen teams last year. Well good luck Race Promoter! :smiley:

The 471 Big Block Chevy makes 600 HP on motor and weighs 3500 lbs with driver. I think a dual Chip/Atwood tranny might give me a run for the money! :Dhttp://www.wideopenwest.com/~pmgracer/images/FULLMOTOR_DRIVE.jpg

I have 200 hp but I still wana race