Drag Week 2019

Another fun thing I do with (old) technology is participate in Hot Rod magazine’s Drag Week. This year I took my 1962 Chevy II altered wheelbase “Gasser/AFX” car again. It is built mostly with 1966 technology, and runs pretty fast, and is very street driven (turned over 22,000 miles on this trip). Racing at Virginia Motorsports Park, I ended up next to Mike Finnegan of Roadkill fame, on his last pass of the week. He won the class, I got 5th place. This is a shot from the tower, before we ran. There’s video on Hot Rod’s Instagram page, too, you can see me in the right lane, beating him off the line, but getting blown by neat the end of the run. It was fun, I ran the quickest time I ever did 9.896 at 134.9 mph.

Just though you all might like to see something else that robotics helps you with :slight_smile:


I was watching the live streams off and on all week long. It looks like a whole lot of fun!

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