Dragonfly's First Flight

Tired of watching the same old roller claw robot play around with tubes?!? :smiley: Well, from South Philly High School, the Rambots team 3553 present Dragonfly!

Two weekends worth of work on this guy. We’re still tweaking. (Don’t mind the title of the video, it was our first run :stuck_out_tongue: )


  1. Can it turn with the wings down? Answer- no, but we already knew this.

  2. Will you be passing tubes? Answer- yessir

Feel free to ask other questions. We are proud of our unique design and even more proud that we stuck with it and pulled it off.

Judging by the video posted by 126, I think we’ll be able to effectively shut down a match.

Enjoy! Personally my favorite part of the video is the end lol. “What was that sound?”

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I believe you are correct.

After watching some videos from the pre-ship scrimages, it looks like any obstruction in between the towers is going to be a pain, now make that obstruction nearly seven feet wide and immovable, and you’ve got an even bigger pain on your hands.

Needless to say, I have no desire to play against 3553. You’re more than welcome to come over to our side though. :wink:

Always appreciate the praise, Dustin. What I haven’t appreciated is hearing about some people who heavily dislike our strategy and feel it is not within “the spirit of the game.” We have no intention of breaking others robots through aggressive play nor does our drivetrain have that capability, we will be playing peaceful passive defense on the field. It is hurtful when you put in work and follow through with a risky design, and people feel the need to put down your work. (sorry had to vent that out).

Haters gonna hate. Just ignore them, they’re not worth your time. Congrats on taking the road less traveled.

Akash I would totally hate to play against you guys because I have a feeling your bot would annoy me to no end but thats only because it would majorly complicate placing our usual amount of tubes.

CD is kinda full of haters these days so don’t worry about it and just stick to your gameplan. I have a feeling you guys will be playing saturday afternoon!

PS- To ensure that we stayed “within the spirit of the game” we sacrificed a good couple pounds by adding bumpers to our outriggers in the spirit of gracious professionalism because we don’t want to damage other robots. We could easily lose 10 pounds in extra bumper weight if we didn’t care at all and save us a lot of headaches. 357’s mentors kept asking us why we are wasting weight by adding those- it is because we all agreed that it will keep everyone happy.

Unfortunately, this is most likely not true, however the effort will be something your whole team will be able to look in the mirror about and say, “we did all we could and we’re proud of our team, strategy, and design.” As Karthik put so well, after that, no worries - dissenters aren’t worth your time.

Best wishes to Dragonfly and the team.

Hey man, 422 got into eliminations last year for having a purely defensive robot. In fact, we might have been ranked second both times, behind 1676 each of those times. I always heard secondhand grumbles about our blocking and pinning.

FRC always has many angles in which to approach the game. Pick the one you think will make the best show in regionals.

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Cool looking bot!

The only question I have is if you are playing this defense in the middle of the field then aren’t you also running the risk of shutting (or at least majorly slowing down) your alliance parnters?

They are just afraid of you guys completely shutting down the field. Haters gonna hate, let them voice their opinions publicly if they feel that strongly about this robot. Let me remind people that this is a completely legal, valid strategy. If you’re going to be mad at anyone, be mad at the GDC, not a rookie team building an effective robot within their means.

That being said, I can’t wait to see it in action during week 5 at the Philly regional.

Great job guys! My team, 3042, built a robot similar to yours in that we both have fold down wings. Our team has always tried to build a more defensive robot in our 3 years of competing due them being typically easier to build with our limited resources and shop tools.

On Saturday we went to a practice regional at another local high school (Simley High School, 2518), and we were met with a multitude of opinions. It is disheartening to hear people say your robot is against the spirit of the game, but everyone interprets the rules differently and that is the beauty of FIRST. People are just jealous when you can stop multiple robots from doing anything for a whole match. :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work guys, looking forward to watching your matches on the blue alliance.

p.s. I will try to get some pictures of our robot today here if I can make it to our shop, Snow storm will probably be keeping me out however.

Yes I did hear about your robot from 1625. You have mechanums right?

Yeah we do, and we love them, heh. What did you guys hear about us?

Nothing really, just that there is a similar robot in your state as ours but with mechanums.

Have you guys completed the robot yet and had it fully functioning during a scrimmage match? I’m curious to see video of a similar setup in action in a real match.

Yeah we had it running for almost the whole day, only issues we had were with our D-link that burned out. I will ask around and see if anyone recorded a video of it at the matches.

I’m so happy to see this running.:smiley: I have loved this design since day 1 and I am really proud of you guys for sticking with it and pulling it off.

I have no doubt that you guys will do well at Philly, and don’t let the haters get you down, they are just jealous because your design truly is ingenious :wink:


Thanks Hannah. And thank you to 433 for helping the Rambots during the initial week of build.

I’ve always been a fan of defensive strategies from the first defensive game I was part of (Zone Zeal…I joined in 01, but that game had no defense).

I don’t mean the “ram until your bot breaks” defense but the “we’ll get in your way until your head explodes from frustration” defense. So I can’t wait to see how this bot plays in Philly…and if Akash had something to do with it? IT’ll be good!

This rowboat looks like it will float. :slight_smile:

After watching video from scrimmages, it seems like this will be a pretty low scoring game. No doubt you guys will play a big part in this. I just hope for your sake you don’t go early on the way back up the serpentine to a team who doesn’t know whats up, because you’ll definitely be memorable…

Or it’ll talk a good game and then not do anything? :stuck_out_tongue:

I kid, I kid. (<3 you Stogi bro.)