Drawbridge Weight

My team was wondering what was the weight of the drawbridge. Can anyone help out?

I believe the Game Reveal Video talks about the amount of force (effective weight) required:

According to the Manual (In the “Arena” section):

The Drawbridge is an arched gateway with a door that lowers toward the NEUTRAL ZONE. The
door is made from polycarbonate and is 37 in. tall and ¼ in. thick. When the door is fully down,
the opening is 3 ft. 6 in. wide and 5 ft. 5-3/4 in. tall (to the top of the center of the arch). The door
is sprung so that it will return to a closed position when there is no weight on it. The door can be
manipulated at any point, but for reference, it takes approximately 2 lbs. of force applied at the top edge of the door for it to begin to move. Once moving, the required force increases to a maximum
of 5 lbs.