Drawing of the controller board

Is there a picture that shows the layout and electrical connections for the controller boards?

It is in your manual in the Electronics Section. You can also go to this link;


It will give you a complete schematic/block diagram of how the robot must be wired. :slight_smile:

Although the Power Distribution Diagram is an indication of the electrical connections, the actual location within your robot of each component is entirely up to the team. If you are building the kit chassis and placing the transmissions on the center line of the chassis, I would suggest you look at using your components to balance the weight in the chassis. The battery and air compressor (if used) are the heaviest objects and should be placed so that the robot will not tilt or fall over during running or turning. Electrically, the main breaker should be placed near the battery and easy to reach but not exposed to damage. The Rockwell power block should be placed near the battery and the main breaker. Remember you only need to use the terminals needed for your design. Place the high current (40 amp) breaker panel and ATA breaker panels near to the power block so that the #6 AWG wiring can be as short as possible. I suggest the RC be mounted near the center of the robot and in a location where it can be seen. Speed controllers can be mounted near the motors they control so that you can use the wires provided on the motors.
In addition to the Robot Rule book, the First site has a variety of documentation. I would download the Tips and Guidelines and look it over. It has a variety of diagrams and some very useful information. My suggestion to all teams is download all documentation on the First website and check back for revisions throughout the season. The robot section 8 is already at rev B. Also check for biweekly team updates (update 3 was published earlier this week) and check the Q&A at least weekly for changes to game and interpretation of rules.