Drawing or Model of Keyang Motor?


Does anyone have a drawing, CAD model, or even a spec for what the mounting pattern is on the Keyang motor? it seems similar ot some window motors used in past kits…

If anyone has this info and can post it I am sure there will be many grateful people in the CD community.



check www.firstcadlibrary.com under motors. It is listed as the “window motor” at the bottom. The hub for it is in the “Mechanical” section.

That appears to be a different window motor from a past year. I emailed the address at FIRSTCADlibrary and asked if it was dimensionally the same and got no response yet.

Can you confirm that the model on FIRSTCADlibrary is the same as the one in the kit this year?

Thanks for the help,


you could always pu thte motor in a mill to center find all the holes…if you have the resources that is…other that that, have you looked for a data sheet for the motor?