Drawing sprockets in Inventor

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Team 306 needs to draw up some 36T sprockets for ANSI 35 chain, and we need your help figuring out the best way to do this. We have been able to find one website, HERE which explains how to do this… but it doesn’t seem to be Inventor friendly… and having made a sprocket using this method, we are looking for an easier one :slight_smile: Any help would be greatly appreciated, as it would save us quite a bit of time…

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I make my sprockets on AutoCAD using the dimensioning formulas from the Machinery’s Handbook. One thing that I did that made it so much easier was to make an Excel page using the formulas, requiring me to only input the pitch (0.25 for #25 and 0.375 for #35), and the number of teeth. Then I follow the layout for the sprocket dimensions as shown in your page.

I’m sure their is a faster way in Inventor or AutoCAD, but that is how I layout sprockets.

This thread should help


That thread is about alternatives to the Design Accelerator, which isn’t very accurate…if you just need this for visual modeling purposes (i.e. NOT when you’re going to use the CAD files for fabrication or machining), I think Design Accelerator is much easier than creating the teeth yourself.

To access the Design Accelerator, while you’re in the assembly environment, go to the pop-up menu on the panel bar at the left and choose Design Accelerator.

Again, if you need precision, go with that thread.

Design accelerator is what I use for all of mine. If you have to do it manually, you can find the right tooth specs on McMaster, then circular pattern them after a painstaking and annoying drawing session.

Design Accelerator is, in my opinion, what brings Inventor above Solidworks.