Drawing within the camera portion of driver station

I would like to draw a line on the driver station window camera, so that when the line lines up with the bottom of the goal we know that we can shoot.

The video is actually displayed in the dashboard program, and it can be customized in several ways. The default dashboard is built in LabVIEW, so if you want it to be the same, except for having a line over it, you can create a dashboard template from the getting started window, then place an object such as a decoration over the video. You can also choose to use an overlay function to draw on the image in the loop.

Greg McKaskle

Could you show any pictures? I am very new at programming and no one else knows how.

If you’re not comfortable modifying the Dashboard program, you can try the low-tech approach the TechnoKats drive team has used for the past couple of years. They affix a piece of thin Lexan over the screen and draw on it with a Sharpie.

^This. It’s so easy and requires no effort at all. In the past we’ve used scotch tape to make the cross-hairs on the screen. This is also super easy and works great.

Nothing wrong with low-tech, but if you want to learn another way – the attached photo shows the vision loop modified to draw a horizontal line from 0,100 to 320,100 in red.

You will then need to build the dashboard and choose to have yours run instead of the default. There is a tutorial on the Getting Started dialog about making a custom dashboard.

Greg McKaskle

Man has a point. Why make it difficult on yourself when there’s easier methods out there?

If you’re using one of the Axis cameras, it’s possible to upload a mask to the camera itself. Just create your overlay as a .bmp from Microsoft Paint and upload it to the camera. You’ll find menus on the camera for managing the overlay. We’ve used this several times in the past for putting a vertical, center line on the driver’s display without needed to program the Labview dashboard code.