Dreams about FIRST

What odd dreams have you had about FIRST? Did you win Nationals? Did your team have a weird party? Did your robot adopt it’s own cat? Put it all hear.


I was working in the shop with some wires when I noticed one of my team mates using our shear in a sort of reckless way. I was about to say something but it was too late, my team mate had totally severed his finger. I immediately ran over and tried to help him out, he however, was unfazed by the missing digit. Flash forward to nationals, my team had won and we where all up on stage waiting for out trophy. Woody and Dean handed out the awards to our alliance members first and when they got to us, Dean stopped and frowned. He turned to our leader and asked if our team members had all there fingers, our leader explained about the student’s accident on the shear. Dean frowned again and said that no teams who’s members where missing fingers, toes or ears where eligible to win Championships. It was one sad dream :frowning:

I was at championships with last year’s bot, and was yelling (Very loudly) from the sidelines. Suddenly, Will.I.Am ran onto the feild and started trying to take all of the tubes :ahh:
I countered by convincing him to join my team, and he put on a red alliance jersey and began placing tubes. Unfortunately, that is when the tractors started to take apart the feild. Then the robots became transformers and had to keep the tractors at bay. But then the tractors reached lava.

The dream just kept going downhill from there…:stuck_out_tongue:

Usually when I have dream it’s about me oversleeping and missing a competition where I was lead que. I have woken up in panic more than a couple of times to this.