Had any weird dreams lately… anyone? Or nightmares…

I had a dream about my best guy friend… it was wacky, very unusual and a week later he asked me out :), I’ve only been waiting for three years!

Why wait? Why not ask him?

no wait. i know kind of why she didnt ask. it probably has to do with fear of rejection or didnt want to rune a friendship. i have a bunch of friends who are girls and this is their general reason.

Once I had a dream that my grandpa turned into a motorcycle, but he has yet to do so. :stuck_out_tongue:

i beg to differ just last weak i saw you grandpa driving down the road with a Harley gang.

I used to have this whack re-occuring dream that I was being chased down a spiral staircase by this gigantic ball. Don’t ask me why cuz I don’t have the slightest clue… I think I made it mad or something. But it stopped around the age of 10 or something. Now I can’t remember most dreams… but when I do I like them… and they end. :frowning: I don’t have nightmares anymore though… :smiley:

i used to dream everyone was hunting me and i coud fly (well glide is more like it)

i remember that like a couple nights after nats i had a dream that there was a robotics competition on a cruise ship…that would be so awesome!!!

I have been having ALOT of dreams that are FIRST related, or related to FIRST friends… but I only remember them for a little, or the fact that they were about FIRST.

I had a dream at nationals… but we arent gunna get into that. lol

I have had this nightmare quite a few teims. It involves me being pushed over and knocked into this really big guy who then proceeds to land on our robot right before we pack the robot for ship day.

Think of me a crazy, but I often times try to find a deeper meaning to dreams. And now that you’ve mentioned it, I did have a few FIRST related dreams, I just can’t remember them in great detail. I did have a dream about a cruise ship and robotics before though, so maybe in the future…

Generally being chased by objects/people symbolizes that the person is scared of a situation that they don’t want to face, or is not ready to face.

There used to be a time (re: last month and before) that I would maybe have one dream a month, and basically it would consist of everything that happened to me within that month. Odd I know.

But, lately it seems that every time I fall asleep, I wake up with another remembered dream.

Last night, I had a dream I was hanging out in Hawaii with my team members, and it was really cool, but then it turned weird. One team member stole some dry dog food from a local, and tried to shove it in my mouth, and I was very adamant about not eating it, but when they were all not looking I stole a piece and ate it.

It tasted like a mini (like the size of a quarter) freeze dried pizza. :yikes:

When I ran back from them to avoiding eating it at first, the surrounding area looked like my grandmothers driveway.

I tell ya, dreams are very strange. And some of them leave you wondering why you had them - the deeper meaning that relates to real life.

i always have dreams…but lately i really havent i dunno why. i alwayyyyys get dejavou (sp?) yeah its scary and wierd lol

About 4 out of 5 of my dreams are nightmares, that’s just the way it’s always been, and I suppose will always be. While in Atlanta, I had a really odd sleep/dream related experience. I was doing all late night bed checks for the chaperons, and when I did my check at midnight, our kids were all zonked out (so zonked out I had to go to the front desk to get a key to check one room since no one answered when I kicked the door or when I phoned the room). I decided that after the 1 a.m. check, I didn’t need to do anymore, so I just went to bed because I was exhausted from only one hour of sleep the night before. Well, at a little after 2 a.m. while still sleeping, I started talking to Eric about the time and how “something” had to be done. He asked me what I was talking about, and I tried to explain it but nothing I said was making any sense so he asked me if I was asleep and I yelled at him for saying that, so he got out of bed to see if I was awake and I thought he was going to hit me and panicked and yelled “Get away!” And then I kept insisting that the blankets on the bed had a strong chemical smell, and it was making me sick and that I was going to throw up, so I made him switch beds with me, and then I was quiet for the rest of the night. The next day, I could remember that something had happened, but not much details. I had to sniff the blankets and the blankets and pillow cases on both beds, along with the towels, did have a very faint chemical smell, just a slight sour scent, certainly not something that would make me sick.


All of my dreams involve me, sitting at a table in our workspace, designing and/or building a robot that will finally stop Beatty at the Championships. Usually Chris Carnevale, John-V Neun, Andy Baker, Ken Patton, Paul Copioli, Karthik, and Eric O’Brien walk in and out of the same door giving me advice. I just wish I could remember what the robots I was designing/building had to do.

Note to self… build machine to remember dreams

I have noticed that quite a bit of our dreams had FIRST in it. I wonder why? :smiley: Well anyways, I’ll join the crowd. I had a dream at IRI that our team won every regional that we went to and dominated the Championship. (Doesn’t everyone?). Being that its my senior with my main driver, I’m sure that we want to go out with a bang! I wish this dream came true. :wink:

Dreams are very strange things. Every so often, I get a feeling of dejavu where I can swear that I had a dream about the situation a few weeks prior. It generally only happens when I can only remember brief images from the dreams, not large chunks of the dreams.

For instance, I once had a dream where I was sitting on a bench at school, reading a newspaper while talking to one of my friends. It was a very specific bench outside of the science building. I was on the left, he was on the right. I looked up from my paper and saw a guy rolling by in a wheel chair and a girl behind him with pink hair. I remember waking up thinking that it was a very strange dream. A few weeks later, it happened. Personally, I think that it’s too specific to write off as just a general dejavu feeling. The other thing is that it happens every few months or so… Another time, it was a dream where I was eating lunch and a friend that I hadn’t seen in a long time showed up. One from a few years ago was when my friend was sitting on a table - he’s generally more of a chair person, he has better manners than me - and had some brown cardboard boxes stacked behind him. Those are only the ones that are too specific to be coincidence. There are others where I’ll remember reading a certain headline in the newspaper or remember eating something with certain people around.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to figure out how to use my newly realized superpower.

Anyone remember that movie the Pagemaster? or something like that? This kid hung arround some flying books? Well, once I dreamt I was being chased by some things like those, except they had fangs, and were more like milk boxes. I also dreamt I was attacked by an army of cat-sized ants. Does this mean I should avoid milk and ants?

You know the weirdest dream i ever had was that i was standing on a bed and the floor was covered in metal snakes. The snakes kept biting me and i blead strawberry yogert. The weird part was i dreampt i woke up and ran to my mom and asked if yogart was on my back then i really did wake up and did exactly that!

I only have 2 types of dreams either dreams that come true (deja vue) and nightmares. Like sciguy for some reason I experience deja vue like every other day and it is pretty freaky sometimes. When I do actually have nightmares it is usually always this one dream where I am in a hospital lieing in bed and this doctor is talking to me when all of a sudden this huge Male lion rips through the door and mauls me to death. I like the deja vue dreams a bit better.