My dreams are very very strange.

If you ask anybody who has ever been near me at a robotics competition while I was asleep, I can and will express things from my dream verbally or physically. It’s rather odd.

One such dream comes to mind…it was a nightmare, essentially made up of a mix between the Championship Event and Starship Troopers. There were lots of big bugs and all that jazz and I tried to swat them in my dream. It was quite gory. They didn’t eat robots though. That’s always pleasant.

Wow… hilarious. :smiley:

Not that I mean to take joy in your pain. :wink:

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Wow… hilarious.

Not that I mean to take joy in your pain.

it is a quite terrifying nightmare. I love cats to death but when they attack ,or at least the larger species of the “Feline” family, it can be quite terrifying.

I think I can beat all these weird dreams. I had a dream once that Steve, the guy from the Dell computer commercials was trying to kill me. Instead of saying “Dude, your getting a Dell!” He would say “Dude, your gonna die.”

Dude, thats pretty weird, LOL!!! anyways whatever happened to that guy. Those dell commercials were pretty good.

After some quick research:

This article goes more in depth though

Lol, that must have been an interesting dream (“Dude, you’re gonna die”)

Martin Luther King had a dream, Aliyah had a dream, Left-Eye had a dream…

Seriously, I had a weird one about two people I haven’t seen or thought about in a long time. It was really random.

I have this recurring dream that involves a view on a mountain overlooking a city. which looks very very similar to this place. which is around Capetown near table top mountain.

I agree w/ most the people who’ve been talking about dejavu (did i actually spell it right?). for example, in real life, sometimes i’m sitting there, and i get a creepy feeling that i’ve been in this situation before, that i’ve already seen the world like this. i figure that i’ve had a dream with the situation/view in it, its just i rarely remember the dream until after the real-life situation occurs.

i have these really weird dreams, like if im thinking particlarly hard about something or if im wondering what to do about something during the day, i dream out different scenarios and solutions for the problems, and then in the morning its like i know what to do. like 2 night ago, i was bored and i was making a design for my ‘dream cart’ (like how other people make their dream houses) and i could easily see that it would weigh too much but i didnt want to change materials/get rid of features and then in the morning when i woke up i had this idea of how to keep it that same but make little changes and it was really cool…but weird…but cool :smiley:

Do you guys find it facinating (sp?) that dreams for each person is different. And that no two dreams are the same. I find that very intriguing. I’m sitting here reading all the dreams and I’m curious how the dreams got sparked… hmmmmmmmmm… And have you guys ever wondered why we even dream to begin out with? Do you believe that animals have dreams also? I do, but that’s my personal opinion. Keep talking it’s very interesting.