Dress as your favorite CD-er!

Off of this post, that had me thinking…how would one go out on Halloween as a CD community member? (A little harder than “Chief Deli!”, I know)

(Once again, you can’t name yourself. That’s just lame. And try to name more than just their team shirt.)

Soooo…lets see.

If I wanted to dress like…Elgin Clock, I’d be wearing a Mountain Dew shirt and khakis. I’d dye my hair red and glue on a beard.

I would get a gray wig and wear a nice hawai’ian shirt. Any guesses on who I am?

alirght i will bite.

Brandon Martus
i would shave my head and just walk shorter than normal :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, to do a proper Jessica Boucher, I suppose first would be finding someone about two bleacher seats taller than me to dress as Brandon Martus. Add in the curly hair, a non-t-but-not-too-terribly-dressy shirt, some jeans, and I could pull it off pretty well, doncha think?

My costume would involve putting on 8 inch stilts to make me taller, coloring my hair blonde and slicking it back, switching to wire grame glasses, giving calculus lessons while riding an unicycle, and drinking Mt. Dew by the gallon. :smiley:

Oh yeah, and I would have to challenge Bill Beatty to a sumo match


I’ll be renting a Winnie the Pooh outfit and running around hugging the stuffing out of everyone… but I refuse to wear stilts, so I’ll just have to be Mini-Mike…

Or I’ll wear a green shirt, a black cape and mask and run around pelting people with Dunkin Donuts when they got “my” Jeopardy questions wrong…