Dress Code for Pits at Champs

Hello Chief Delphi,

I’ve got some nearby teams asking me questions about the pit rules at champs in Houston. I gave them my best guess, but it’s been long enough since I’ve been that I don’t really remember.

Obviously safety glasses are required in the pits, but are there any other requirements to work in or walk around the pits? For example, are long pants and/or tied back hair required?

I’m pretty sure these are required in the machine shop space but not the pits themselves, but I’d like to hear from someone with a fresher memory and/or a bookmark at the relevent rules or guidelines.



I don’t know if there’s a list of rules specific to championship but because it’ll be warm make sure to have closed toe shoes! Sandals are the last thing you want to be wearing in the pits.

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Casual Elegant is the general expectation, but you won’t be overdressed if you choose to attend in Formal attire. Remember that Casual Elegant requires more flair than Business Casual, usually meaning a greater degree of refined ornaments such as jewelry and makeup or even cuff links. Be sure to choose blue or black for your jacket rather than tan (Obama made that mistake once, to his eternal embarrassment!).


From the Event Rules Manual

E101. *Personal safety comes first. All team members must observe the following safety practices
throughout the event:
A. wear safety glasses (only ANSI-approved, UL Listed, CE EN166 rated, AS/NZS certified, or
CSA rated non-shaded) while in and around the playing FIELD and in the pit area. Lightly tinted
lenses are permitted provided eyes are clearly visible to others, but reflective lenses are
prohibited. Accommodations will be made for participants that require tinted safety glasses. The
only exception is for teams in their first 10 minutes of their load in and for the first 10 minutes
pits are open each day of the event as long as they’re not working on the ROBOT or setting up
their pit.
B. wear closed toed/heeled shoes.
C. tie back long hair while working on or around a ROBOT or ROBOT related materials.
D. wear appropriate clothing.
E. walk in the venue.
F. health and safety requirements in place for that event (e.g. mask wearing).


Also no mustard allowed in the pits, and definitely no dijon


At Champs you’ll also need to be wearing an ID tag whenever you’re in the pits or by the fields. Your team should get one for everyone when they register at information (IIRC). Personally, I prefer to wear it on my waist or tucked into my shirt so there’s no chance of it getting tangled in robots while working.


One of the first things I do is duct tape the back of my tag to my shirt

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Okay but which type of mustard shirt are you wearing?


Please be warned, there will be rain coming and going for most of the event.


From the Championship event guide and app:

Be aware of apparel and hair safety issues while working on your robot. Sandals, open-toed shoes, and Crocs are not allowed in the Pits, fields, or other teamwork areas. Wear relaxed, fun and appropriate clothing; remember, you represent your team and FIRST. Body paint in lieu of clothes, bathing suites and other revealing clothes are not appropriate.

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Black tie.



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As long as you’re wearing a morning suit you should be okay, if you DO opt for the riskier (and far less proper) tuxedo option, I am not liable for you being kicked out of the pits.


Only in the None Division.


Pants would be a good start IMO.

Maybe a helmet if you feel the situation requires it.


Keep in mind that you can wear your bathing suit when you are inside your bathing suite if that’s how you roll. Ain’t no one gonna you stop you there. :wink:

I got a feelin’ that you don’t know the context on this.

Without naming any specific team, when I was a student there was at least one team with a reputation for body paint and swim trunks, at least in the stands. Much to the chagrin of venue staff, or so I hear–something about having to clean up any body paint that rubbed off on the seats.

Sometime around the time I stopped being a student, this sort of guidance was issued for the first time. IIRC, the team changed their ways.

I did indeed point out this typo about six weeks ago. Unfortunately things like this seem to need to go to multiple departments at HQ and potentially an external marketing vendor, so it didn’t get corrected.


Isn’t that covered by no outside food?