If theres one thing to say after the first day at drexel, its “their lemonade rocks”.

Looking forward to the compititions tomorrow.

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Yeah, Drexel rocks. I also just wanna let everyone know that if you rookies, or anybody really, need help feel free to stop by 321’s pit. We may not be the most organized team there is, but we know what its like to need help. So feel free to stop by.

Yep, the one thing I love most about Drexel is how it’s all so close to eachother like a family event- chesapeake was rather big and I really didn’t feel the music, get the vibes, etc… but i sure got those at drexel- being elbow to elbow with teammates sure does that. Should be fun tomorrow…

I really heart the Drexel comp. As others have said at this regional you really feel the commuity vibe in our city of brotherly love (how appropriate). Lots of gracious professionalism going on here. All of the officials were really great and inspection was actually a pleasure not an inquisition. I am really excited for tomorrow and I am hoping the DJ will step up the music some more. Its great because with the pits so close to the field you can really appreciate the music and cheering. Lets pray for some great weather tomorrow for all you ultimate frisbee-ers.

Great group at Drexel. Definitely fun times to be had. Great venue, no matter how small some may say it is, it’s functional and quite enjoyable. The fact that the back doors open up to the small park makes it 100 times better, as well as the short walks to 30th street station for Mcdonalds (or Subway and 7-11). Good luck to everyone, and remember if you need anything at all, feel free to stop by and ask.


I agree, Drexel was good…cept for one thing - It was way too hot in there, especially down on the floor during finals…super hot :frowning:

definetly it was way way way way too hot

though our pits were nice - right next to the doors

by the way, what was with your tower/rotating light setup thing?

not that I’m comlaining - we used your table since you weren’t :slight_smile:

Drexel is always hot. That’s why there’s a 7-11 across the street, one of our teammates actually went through 8 slurpees everyday.

go marcus!! I remember walking across from the tech center to that Wawa to get something to eat. It was freezing cold and i think the windchill was below 10. I run into this guy at wawa and he is ordering an iccee or something. absolutely weird.

We made the tower for the same reason we wear MOE green, so everyone can see us! We decided on the tower because we got the frame we used to make it (i think its something for stretching carpet) for free. It also gave us something to do. We were afraid FIRST was going to make us take it down if we went up the full 20 ft that we made, so on thurs. we only went up 15 ft. Then one of the judges wanted to know why we didn’t go higher. So fri and sat. it was 20 ft. For nats we r probably going to put stuff going up the side of it.

Most of the heat came from the bots. The competion was up from my previous 3 regionals. I can’t wait till Championship when it will really get “hot”. I have to wait 'cause we’ve got the Canadian Super Regional this week.

Steve- weren’t you that MC with the funky hair and buttoned coat? Many guys on our team are Flyers fans and were griping about how they had to listen to a Maple Leaves fan all day long, but you and your partner did an awesome job… will you be announcing at Nat’s?

Yes I am the Maple Leaf fan. I guess that they were lucky it was so hot or I would have worn my Maple Leaf jersey and had blue and white hair. I had itready to go. Yes I will be announcing at Championships. I hope to see you guys there.
BTW I did ask for you but you were away somewhere.