What diameter wheels/rollers for turning/dribbling the ball have you guys found that work the best?

1713 is using some PVC we found with wheel tread around it, riveted on. We have that powered by a belt 1:1 with a CIM, no gearing. It works.

8’’ pneumatic tires from skyway. size is more for packaging of the entire system then necessity. Any size should work long as they are positioned correctly.

1583 is using 3 7/8 inch Banebot wheels on 20:1 Banebot 36 mm gearboes with the FP motors. Since the FPs are on Jags we can spin the ball either slow or fast. For example if we back up we speed the dribbler up to make sure the ball stays with the robot. Just before we kick we slow the ball way down to reduce the effects of the back spin on the kick.

is that how you solved the issue you were having with the ball hitting the bumpers?

Hi Corey…Yep that’s one of the things we’ve done. We also redesigned the kicking plate.

well cool! but john there were alot of team mentors asking for indepth roller idea! i will tell you tomorow!