Drill holes

Drill holes in the Goal, this will make it lighter to move about so keep this tip in mind.

With that capability, a FIRST robot could double as a battle bot…

that would end the debate! why do one when you can do both at the same time!!!

I was thinking along similar lines when I thought of drilling holes in the floor to improve traction … hmmmm. :wink:

Hmmmm a Tunnel borer, What a Great Idea.

And this is legal?

goes to check the rulebook


We’ve been having problems with getting some members out of bed.

They complain of symptoms of their head feeling heavy and not able to life off of the pillow.

To lighten their heads and facilitate the ability to wake up, we have decided to drill holes in said members heads.

This will also have the added advantage to eliminate thinking and the use of reason.

We just have to figure out what size hole and how many to drill.

An expertise in this area?

-smokescreen (who has enough holes in the head as it is)

You can drill holes in your heavy pneumatics cylinders to make the robot lighter.


Don’t forget to drill some ‘cheeseholes’ in those darn heavy batteries…

just a tip to all those out there who haven’t discovered this little secret.

Mmm… cheese.

But remember, only drill holes in your battery as a last resort. :smiley:

We like swiss cheese. Those of you Oakland County teams may have seen our sprocket handiwork from OCCRA. It was amazing, I must say. Our sprockets for FIRST weren’t nearly as “cheesy”

Here’s a great thread that’s full of holes :smiley: