Drill Motor Clutchs


Yes or No?

To quote the rule I forgot a little while ago and was reminded about 5 times in a row of:

<R62> “The gearboxes for the Fisher-Price, Drill, and Globe motors are not considered “integral” and may be separated from the motors. FIRST will not provide replacement for parts that fail due to modification.”

So you can remove it and do whatever you want to it. But woe betide he that screws it up, cause FIRST won’t give you another.

The rules state that you may not motify the motors. The clutch in the drill motor is not considered part of the motor, so I would say yes, but you may want to ask for an offical ruling.

Yea I am posting a question on the first q and a now

No offense, but it’s a waste of time… FIRST actually tells you how to remove the anti-backdrive pins. Numerous teams have opened them up and disabled the clutch mechanism. I’m seriously doubting that removing the clutch dial will be illegal.

Maybe be a waste of time but as that saying goes it better to be safe then sorry.

logic dictates that if you can modify the cllutch in any manner…that would include being able to modify the clutch by taking off the cover. Logic aside, it would really not be fun to show up at regionals to discove that you have to redesign your drive train because it doesn’t pass inspection…

Logic might dictate something, but FIRST is dictating everything in this situation, which Kevin already pointed out. Dont waste your time asking FIRST. Just do it and be done with it.


which is why we’re not disagreeing :wink:

we JB wellded our clutches to disable them and epoxied the ring gear to the case to lock it in first in 2003 For robot rodeo Not being an offical first event we didnt worry about rules But It worked realy Good The Drivabilty improved tremendously

Like the guys said above, you can do whatever you want with the gearbox.

A team could take it apart and dangle parts of it from various parts of their robot. Or, a team could paint it blaze orange and use it as a tribute to a beacon.

Or… a team could remove certain key parts of this gearbox to make a complementary system to a current custom gearbox.

hmmmm… the possibilities are endless!

Andy B.

As in this picture we just took off are covers and as for first I am really getting tired of them not answering questions so I dont think I am goin to post a question about this one.