Drill Motor Emergency

Our team dropped one of our Drill motors this afternoon and we did not order any spares yet.

We are in desperate need of a replacement motor, on Sunday, if possible. We were wondering if any teams could help us out with the following:

  1. Is there a Philly area team that can lend us a drill motor, ASAP?

  2. Does anyone have information on the Bosch Drill model number and /or where we could buy the drill in a local store?

  3. I have the manufacturer phone number and address, but wanted to know if anyone has a manufacturer page link directly to this model of drill motor and any local distributor pages.

As you can imagine we are in a very bad situation with shipping day around the corner, so Any help would be appreciated!


Al Ostrow
Coach, Team 341

You can try


or your nearest Skil-Bosch Service Center.

The model is 3360. The motor part number is 2607022890. The drive assembly part number is 2606200917.

Good luck!


Thanks, for the quick reply. I tried the link but it failed. I think the copied link is incomplete. If you get a chance, please resend. In the meantime, I will use the partial link and do a search. Thanks again!


Sorry, I posted quick and checked the link afterward.

My edited post has the correct link.

Is there a team out there within 2 hrs. of Philly that has a spare drill motor?
Of course, we would pick it up and compensate you in whatever way would be best for you. Thanks.


P.S.: I now have enough information to search local stores in the morning. (Thanks Richard!)

We bought a drill at sears, or a local hardware store might have it that has the bosche motor in it. We disassmbled the drill and used the motor and plan on replacing it later in the year when we get a spare. Be careful with the motors this year. The brush holders are very very fragile.


We found that if you wrap a wire tie around the plastic in the back of the motor, it keeps the brushes from backing out. We havn’t had any problems since.

My full apologies go to anyone who feels offended by what was formerly contained on this post. I would like to further apologize to my coach as I feel that I have embarrassed him and the whole team. And in a final apology I would like to apologize for not logging on sooner, but my internet server was down.

*Originally posted by mgreenley *
**No, duh. A fractured plastic brush casing is the whole reason this thread exists. **

I just wanted to APOLOGIZE for my rookie members insensitive comments!!

Anyone that that replies to this thread does so because they care about other teams. The whole team is truly embarrassed by this immature comment!!

The motor was eventually repaired with the advice of Jim Harbison, Team 484, (Thanks Jim!!)

Thank you to everyone that replied to this thread. ALL of Team 341 appreciates your input.


Al Ostrow
Head Coach
Team 341

We placed an order for the part using the link provided.
The model number I entered was 3360.561 you can also try just entering 3360.

The next screen should give you the drill info.

If you click on it the parts list should come up and diagram should come up.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Here’s the direct link for the toolpartsdirect page http://www.toolpartsdirect.com/cgi-bin/schematic.cgi/bosch/3360.561

Also, people have said that Lowe’s sells the drills for around $70 for the whole thing.