drill motor in solidworks

Has anyone using solidworks been able to get their hands on a model of the drill motor complete with gear??

I have both Solidworks and Inventor. I have the drill motor in Inventor. I could export it as a STEP file, then import it into Solidworks and save it as a sldprt file if you want me to and that works for you. I suppose it would be possible for me to model the whole thing from scratch in solidworks, but that might take a while.

EDIT: I wouldn’t even have to save it as a STEP, I believe Solidworks can inport Inventor ipt files.

Yes solidworks can import inventor files, but when i do it i get things missing such as the gear and some of the body…kinda weird. You have the same problem or no? If not I would love to get my hands on the solidworks file

I looked at it and I guess I had forgotten that the Inventor drill motor is actually several (8 or so) parts in an assmebly. SW will not open the assembly, but I suppose I could open the individual parts and reassemble them.

Here is a link to the old cad library of all the parts your motor might be in there: