Drill Motor Mount Experence

Has anyone had problems with the Kit Motor mounts?

Theres been a lot of chat about the gear boxes and shaft couplings, but have not heard much about the motor mounts them selves.

We noticed that they are warpted and needed to clamp them down to a bench to measure shaft center line spacing and such.


Rob at Rage

They are very easy to warp be careful not to overtighten them.

I understand that another Richmond, VA team (Tucker High ) tore up some mounts in practice. Someone else said they’d dropped one and it broke! As for us, we’re being very careful not to overrtighten and are currently using rubber/soft plastic shims to take up the slack where the actual motor is held.

I do have one motor (drill gearbox) wobbling and need to determine if it is the aluminum adapter or the plastic hex adapter or a warped/misaligned mount. This is another common problem, I’ve heard.

We have yet to have any trouble with the motor mounts, besides a slight problem of the gearbox rotating and breaking off a tab (put one heck of a load on it though). We now have the mounts cranked down, and have few problems. But we need to get some washers since the slots that the bolts rest on are starting to spread a bit.