Drill Motor Team Update


Regarding this statement from the latest team update:

Caution advised regarding the ½” drill motors.
You may not replace the blue wires, however, you may shorten them such that there is
a minimum of 1.5 inches still attached to the motor and solder heavier gauge wire to
their cut ends. Do not attempt to unsolder the blue wires from the brush housings.
The plastic brush support housing will distort if exposed to soldering temperatures
and the alignment of the brushes will be affected, which can permanently degrade
motor performance.

We actually disconnected the blue qires. However, we didn’t use a soldering iron, but rather we filed the ends of the brushes to pull out the wires, and now we have 10awg quick-disconnects on there. Do we still need to replace the blue wires?

That sounds like a question that you should be asking FIRST, you’ll get varied answers in the CD forums.

What’s the link to their forums again?

They have their question and answer system here: http://www.usfirst.org/robotics/2004/qa.htm