Drill Motor

does any one have autocad drawing for the drill motor only. i dont want 3d drawings.

Try this site
they might have it there.

if i find out there is a cad file of drill motors i will make sure to pm you… but for now this thread may help…

they only have 3d files. i need 2d.

You can take the inventor 3D images and put them onto a whitepaper…I wish I had a copy of inventor so I could tell you exactly how to do it. The inventor I’ve used was in my schools drafting class. What I believe you have to do is open (standard.ipt)??..I can’t remember what it is…but it should bring up a screen that looks like a normal drafting paper. Click on projected view…and select the inventor file that you of course downloaded off the FIRST cad library…then you can project all the different views from that.

If I made any sense to you at all…good luck. If your getting caught up…just post something or PM me.

thanks i found it.