Drill motors needed

Hi everyone,
I have a friend who called me (from team 671, I believe). They broke their drill motor somehow, and need a new one. They are willing to buy it, if necessary. Does anyone have a drill motor they can spare?

Perhaps you meant “make believe?” Unless they disappeared and were reborn this year, there is no team 671.

What did this mystery team do to their motors anyway, drop 'em?

There is another thread on the forums about where to get them as well. Easy to do. They are $28 each (or maybe it’s $26)

Oh yeah, here ya go: http://www.toolpartsdirect.com/cgi-bin/schematic.cgi/bosch/3360.561

Maybe he was just trying to be discrete and used a made up number to protect their real identity and save them from embarassment. It would be a gracious thing to do …


It sounds like he just got the number wrong. It happens. And the “(###, I believe)” means he rocognizes this possibility.

And on topic: We have last year’s. They are hard used and have a little rust. I would recommend that your friend purchase them new, as it is only about 30 dollers, but if something happens like every other bosch drill motor in the world suddenly disappearing, we might be able to work something out.

And don’t forget whoever needs them can just borrow them off last year’s 'bot and replace them later (when the shipment comes). It is not really crucial to have both last year’s and this year’s robots running simultaneously is it?