Drill mounting

What is the easiest way to mount the drill motor into a plate? It doesn’t have any mounting holes. Can i make a hole and press it in by that lip thing?

Here is a ‘robust’ way to hold on to it.

An aluminum ring that uses 6/32 tapped holes to hold in the motor to the plate (also a good heatsink)

Drill Mount.zip (17 KB)

Drill Mount.zip (17 KB)

You could hook it up to a semi thick plate with the mounts and then screw that plate into another using small screws and loctite

Alot of pictures IE:Technokat gearbox have the drill motor just magically sticking out of the side how is this done? Or are there mounting holes an i just didn’t see them. Also, I can’t find a spec sheet with dimensions for the drill motor, only the torque characteristics.

You could probably grab a pair of calipers and make your own. Anyway, the Cybersonics have an Inventor model of it. Let me know if you want it.

I imagine that you could modify the existing housign for the drill motor, gear box, and transmision to accomodate just the motor. You might have to get creative with the top middle bracket to have it hold the motor in place and you might need to push in some cork to use as a spacer like we did last year and just cut off the rest of the un-needed drill motor housing.

They tapped the holes on the face of the drill motor.

If nothing else there is an inventer file available of a complete drill motor, transmission and mounting bracket available in the virtual kit of parts. We used it in the design of are drive system and it worked superbly.

However, I’d like to mention that you be careful about using the firstcadlibrary inventor files on the plastic mounting brackets. Plastic parts vary wildly, and in our instance one of the inventor parts designed by Ed Sparks had hole distances .030 different than ours.

I know that Ed prides himself in building top-notch models, so it’s not because he was inaccurate, but because the distances simply aren’t uniform.

Measure twice, model once, cut once. :slight_smile:

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Attached is a drawing in PDF format that shows the part we are using this year. The side hole is made for an 8mm spirol pin. It is a standard metric pin. The pin mates to the larger counterbore on the side, which is a new feature on this year’s motor. There is a smaller hole you could mate to on the side of the motor and we did that last year, but you must be very careful not to push the pin too deep. Using the counterbore will help the depth issue this year. The drawing is in metric.


TC-2004-110-010.pdf (63.4 KB)

TC-2004-110-010.pdf (63.4 KB)